OHEC Supported R3 Events in Wisconsin!

OHEC Supported R3 Events in Wisconsin!

At the heart of the Outdoor Heritage Education Center’s mission to get youth and adults outdoors; so is our passion for Recruiting, Retaining, & Reactivating (R3) hunters as we support Wisconsin’s rich outdoor heritage.

Please note some of the following R3 events and programs supported by OHEC:

Midwest Outdoor Heritage Education Expo (MOHEE) – the largest outdoor skills event in which thousands of school aged youth experience and TRY a variety of skills.

Wisconsin Learn to Hunt (LTH) Events with Pass It On Outdoor Mentors.  If you are interested in going hunting or fishing with us as a youth, mentor or if you are a coach looking to get your team out, please reach out!   

Benton School District (Southwest WI): Twice a year, OHEC assists Benton School District students in learning to fish, fight invasive species, and enjoy a shore lunch. 

Support of High School Trap Shooting Teams:
* Argyle High School
* Platteville High School
* Cuba City High School
* Benton High School
* Southwest Wisconsin Schools
* Waterford Wolverines Trap Team

University of Wisconsin Platteville Pioneer Sportsman’s Club

Aurora Ouisconsin Outdoor Club (AOOC) Family Event; South Range WI (Douglas County)


Successful first duck hunt for this crew on the Mississippi River, Fall 2023. 

Benton School District Students on their fall fishing day, 2023.

Aurora Ouisconsin Outdoor Club Family Event, South Range WI (Douglas County)