OHEC Scholarships

OHEC Scholarships

OHEC Scholarships Help Natural Resources Students 

OHEC scholarship’s help support each student recipient’s post-secondary education in natural resources conservation.

OHEC scholarship opportunities:

  1. Outdoor Heritage Education Center’s scholarship endowment, located at Mound City Bank in Southwest Wisconsin.   This endowment base is credited to local hunter and businessman, Keith Buchert of Platteville, WI. OHEC scholarship endowment funds will be invested to generate growth and a financial return, with a percentage of the fund’s balance to be paid out each year in scholarships for local students. Recipients will receive $500 paid directly to their account at the college or vocational school where they will study and work toward a natural resources degree. Funds must be used for educational purposes. Natural resources careers include a wide variety of science and other disciplines, including fish and wildlife biologists, botanists, foresters, soil scientists, outdoor communicators, geologists, solid waste managers, air and water specialists, and many more. Eligibility: Scholarship applicants and local school administrators may contact ruthann@OHECyes.org to receive details and updates. Platteville High School students should contact their guidance counselor who will help screen applications. Scholarship recipients will be selected from applicants not solely on financial need. Scholarships are traditionally awarded in spring of each year.


2. Wisconsin Outdoor Communicators Association (WOCA) and Outdoor Heritage Education (OHEC) Center Scholarship for  Students in Outdoor Recreation Communication. Wisconsin Outdoor Communicators Association , a longtime partner of OHEC, is an organization of outdoor writers, photographers, videographers and radio, television, social media communicators. Eligibility: Open to under-graduate or graduate students enrolled in a Wisconsin-based college or university with an interest in outdoor recreational communication. Application Information: https://www.w-o-c-a.org/scholarships 

Victoria Chanez, pictured above, won the 2021 annual $2,000 Outdoor Heritage Education Center’s scholarship from
the Wisconsin Outdoor Communicators Association.


Individuals and groups who want to contribute to the OHEC endowment fund or create their own OHEC scholarship endowment, please email (ruthann@ohecyes.org) directly with questions.


Outdoor Heritage Education Center is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization founded in 1998. OHEC (pronounced OH’-heck) connects people and resources through its mission of increasing the public’s understanding, appreciation and sense of stewardship for natural resources, professional resource management and related activities like hunting and fishing.