Invaders of the Great Lakes Books

Invaders of the Great Lakes Books

Invasive species have invaded the Great Lakes.  They are poised to invade thousands of lakes, rivers and streams.  Learn how to stop them.   This handy guide spotlights 44 invaders and details how they live, grow, reproduce and spread.   Armed with this knowledge,  you can help protect our inland waters, keeping your favorite fishing spots and lakeshores healthy.

Book Features

* 44 invasive species divided into three categories: invertebrates, plants and fish

* How they impact you, your environment and the economy

* Tips to stop aquatic hitchhikers and other information on how you can help

* QR codes linking to web pages with even more details


Great Partners, Great Lakes

(excerpt from page 5)

There is a reason we call them “Great” Lakes.

More than ever the history of our state and our country, we the people recognize the value of healthy natural resources that are great for mind, body, and soul. We understand the importance of free public access to these Great Lakes. We appreciate that these great resources are so close to where we live, work and responsibility recreate. Whether you pursue great sport fishing opportunities, fish for dinner or simply seek shoreline solace at sunrise, these are healing waters for everyone. The more we learn about life in and around the Great Lakes, the more we see the need to protect these water from threats to their health and ours.

We hope this book helps you, your family and friends learn more about invasive species threatening fish and other Great Lakes life. Like OHEC’s Touch of the Wild education trailer and our partners, we hope this fact-filled pocket guide moves you to do your part to care for this great resource.

We are forever grateful to great partners like the Wisconsin Division Izaak Walton League of America for funding this guide. IWLA welcomes you as a member and citizen scientist who helps monitor and protect lakes and streams.

We also appreciate great agency partners , and Wildlife Forever, along with the Federation of Great Lakes Sport Fishing Clubs, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, and Wisconsin Conservation Congress, including the Youth Conservation Congress.

Great partners make it possible for us to share this great book and our great appreciation for people like you who can help keep these lakes great.

-Mark LaBarbera



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Thank you for your efforts in the education of our Great Lakes.