Educator Resources for – Touch of the Wild Trailers

Educator Resources for – Touch of the Wild Trailers

OHEC offers several different Touch of the Wild Education (ToW) Trailers that travel TO the school, club, show, or event. 

The trailers offer a unique education opportunity to explore by touching and engaging with displays such as: more than three dozen species of fish and wildlife, including full-body mounts of a wolf, turkey and beaver; shoulder mounts of deer, bison and antelope; birds and fish; antlers and horns; furs and feathers.   So much to explore!

A great way to connect with nature right on your school or event grounds and inspire future adventures. 

Trailers can be structured or self guided inquiry that is multi-disciplinary.  

To enhance your learning experience with one or more of the Touch of the Wild trailers, check out the list of resources below.


Touch of Wild #3 – Great Lakes Trailer – Wetland Scavenger Hunt

Great Lakes Portal – Discover the Great Lakes; learn about the history, climate, and ecosystems of the Great Lakes.   This resource is perfect to accompany Touch of Wild Trailer #3.

eek! Environmental Education for Kids!  Connect, Explore, and Engage in learning.   Learn more about the animals you can find inside the Touch of the Wild trailers.  Great resources for kids learning to research. 


The Great Lake Portal and eek are brought to you by our friends at Field Edventures.